We truly thank all our friends who came by our kiosk at Kataklysmos Festival again this year! It was wonderful to see you all again and thank you for supporting our everyday efforts for caring for our shelter doggies!

See you again next year! 









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We truly thank all our friends who walked with us and with our four-legged friends! We gave a strong message, that WE DO CARE, we will BE THEIR VOICE and will not tolerate their mistreatment anymore! It was so nice to make new dog and human friends and all doggies got the chance to play and enjoy their walk! It was a lovely morning! See you again next year at the 2nd Annual "Walk With Animals - Walk For Animals" event!

first annual walk english










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Charity news

On Monday 25/08/15 and Tuesday 26/08/15 we had the pleasure to have Merita and Elina from the finnish orgaization Kyproskoirat Ry at out shelter once again!

The two girls generously offered their love to all our doggies and were very willing to  help with cleaning, feeding, and all other daily activities at the shelter!

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