Support our Association

Aradipou Dog Shelter and the Larnaca-Famagusta Association for the Protection of Animals and Birds invites you to use the PayPal Donation link below and give your donation to help stray animals that need our aid.



Each year, hundreds of homeless and abandoned dogs find a new home through our dog shelter and hundreds of cats are neutered and regularly fed by our volunteers. All this costs money ...... would you help us to help them please?

With very little help from municipalities and government organizations, we can only depend on each other to make things work. For the last few years, the public has been supplying our shelter with food and their support for our fund-raising activities.

Without you contributions to our cause we will not survive.

With your help we can:

  1. Feed the strays at our shelter
  2. Feed strays with no shelter
  3. Cover our vet costs for injured and sick strays
  4. Improve the facilities of the shelter
  5. Send strays abroad to their new homes
  6. Create a fund to legally fight for animal rights