Larnaca-Famagusta Association for the Protection of Animals and Birds is an animal charity, founded in 1991. Our primary goal is the protection and welfare of animals and birds, through actions that will support, promote and adjust their rights. We are a non-profit organization, financially supported by donations and proceeds from various events.


The Association

1. Takes care of stray injured and sick animals and prepares them properly so they can be released in nature in case of a wild animal or they can be adopted by families as pets in case of a dog or cat.

2. Manages and maintains a shelter for stray dogs in Aradippou.

3. Performs educational visits at schools to educate children regarding better care of animals and to grow awareness about the importance of individual and collective offer for stray animals and their rights.

4. Monitors and intervenes in order to ensure the proper enforcement of the laws relating to animals and birds.