Dog Shelter

Until the 25th of September 2009, the Aradippou Dog Shelter was run by the Municipality itself. Dogs were brought in or dumped in front of the shelter and whilst the relevant Cyprus Law requires  Municipalities and Community Boards to keep dogs healthy and safe in a suitable environment for 15 days during which time either the owner is located or a new home is found for them, the Municipality did not always apply this requirement, preferring to euthanize the dogs after a couple of days! Due to the lack of adequate cooperation from the Municipality, Larnaca-Famagusta Association for the Protection of Animals & Birds managed to persuade the then Mayor to allow us to take over the premises and run the shelter under our responsibility.

Back in 2009, the shelter was run by a handful of volunteer workers who cleaned the cages, fed and watered the animals and all without running water or electricity. Helping in a dog shelter is dirty work and involves cleaning the floors of cages, taking sick dogs to the vet, feeding and watering dogs, receiving people who come to see the dogs, filling up the adoption forms, taking the dogs for walks etc.

Over the past 6 years (from Sept 2009 - Sept 2015) things have improved in some areas: electricity is available for some basic lighting and Aradippou Municipality now supply us with running water and a rubbish skip. However, many issue remain unresolved such as concrete floors in all cages.

We have one full-time employee who takes care of the shelter dogs on a daily basis with weekends and public holidays usually being covered by VOLUNTEERS who give up their free time to do the job getting very dirty and smelly in the process. 

We have a NO KILL POLICY  which has resulted in our shelter now housing some 150 dogs at any one time. We have over the last 6 years managed to find new homes for about 2500 dogs of which several hundred have found new homes abroad in countries like UK, Germany, Finland.