Owning a dog is an extremely rewarding experience. However, it entails a large degree of responsibility. Your dog counts on you to satisfy their needs for shelter, food, water, health care, exercise, safety and companionship. Please have the following in mind before choosing to adopt a dog.

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In Cyprus, according to the Dog Law of 2002, no person can own a dog unless they have acquired the relevant dog license which is issued by the local authority (municipal or community council) of the dogs' permanent residence.

This dog license can be issued upon:

1) the dogs' permanent marking via a microchip placed by a private veterinarian

2) presenting the dogs' health book, issued and signed by a private veterinarian

3) presenting a certificate of the dogs' registration in the District Veterinary Offices register, issued by the private veterinarian who placed the microchip or the local District Veterinary Office.

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